With our robust Financial Planning System, we can create Financial Plans (goal-based planning, including risk management), Asset Allocation Plans, and Lifetime Income Plans (Monte Carlo simulations on a single income stream). The key features are below:

Retirement Planning

  • Realistic life expectancy default calculation
  • Allows adjustments to future expenses
  • Allows fixed expenses (e.g., no inflation)
  • Allows for change in state of residence, which affects state taxes
  • Automatic calculation of Social Security
  • Takes into account other Retirement Income Sources (pension, alimony, rental, part-time work, etc.)
  • Monte Carlo simulation includes additional features — compares two What If Plans, supports expense adjustments, and allows elimination of lower priority goals
  • Historical Back-test and Historical Rolling Periods Stress Tests show Plan Results if returns going forward were like historical returns
  • Bad Timing Stress Test shows Plan Results with “low returns” in one or two years
  • Class Sensitivity Stress Test shows Plan Results if one or more asset classes get lower than expected returns
  • Goal Funding Strategies allow you to show the impact of:
    – converting investment assets to an immediate annuity
    – establishing a 72(t) distribution
    – utilizing NUA strategies

Post Retirement Planning

  • Unique capability separates basic living expenses from discretionary expenses (e.g. Travel, Major Purchases)
  • Focuses on the clients’ needs and goals to help them create the retirement they want

College Planning

  • Can include one child or all children in a Plan
  • Includes average estimates for Public, Private, 2-year, and 4-year schools
  • Includes Peterson’s college cost database
  • Identifies alternate funding sources (loans, scholarships, etc.) used to offset costs


  • Web-based. Advisors need only IE 8+, Safari 6+, or the latest version of Firefox or Chrome on their computer.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader needed for display and printing of Client Reports