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2023 ETFs Every Retail Investor Should Keep an Eye On

Claire Ballentine & Suzanne Woolley | Bloomberg | Jan 6th, 2023

Bond funds may provide the brightest opportunities in the bleak year ahead, experts say. Here are some of the best ETFs for retail investors in 2023, according to industry experts.

Target-Maturity Funds

One way to structure fixed-income exposure is through target-maturity ETFs, which hold bonds that are expected to mature in a specific year. That allows investors to “ladder” their investments by choosing multiple ETFs with different maturities. As each one matures, you can either reinvest the principal in later-maturity ETFs or take profits.

Sam Huszczo, founder of SGH Wealth Management, favors the Invesco BulletShares products like the 2027 Corporate Bond ETF (BSCR). That could be paired with the 2029 Corporate Bond ETF (BSCT) and the 2031 Corporate Bond ETF (BSCV) to create a ladder.