Retirement Planning

Simplifying Decisions with Data

As you prepare for retirement, your financial strategies are key to a secure future. It can be overwhelming to navigate the many important decisions that will directly impact the next 30+ years of your life. Our independent analysis can put data behind all these decisions and simplify your choices, with a focus on putting your best interests first.

Incorporating Monte Carlo simulations within our robust financial planning system, we create goal-based planning, risk management parameters, asset allocation plans and lifetime income streams.

Key Features and Considerations:

  • Change in state of residence & income tax planning
  • Social Security matrix analysis
  • Health insurance & Medicare planning
  • Customized plans for all retirement income sources (e.g. pensions, alimony, rental properties, partial retirements, etc.)
  • Monte Carlo simulation comparing side-by-side retirement scenarios to pinpoint the long-term impact of each retirement decision
  • Historical back-test and historical rolling periods stress tests which demonstrate plan results based on real historical market events
  • Bad-timing stress tests which gauge plan results in lower returning years
  • Goal funding strategies which show the impact of:
    • Converting investment assets
    • Establishing a 72(t) distribution
    • Utilizing Net Unrealized Appreciation strategies
  • Post Retirement Planning
    • Separating basic living expenses from discretionary expenses (e.g. travel, major purchases, etc.)
    • Focusing on clients’ needs and goals to help identify their desired retirement objectives
  • College Planning
    • Includes average estimates for public, private, two-year, and four-year schools
    • Includes Peterson’s college cost database
    • Identifies alternate funding sources (loans, scholarships, etc.) used to offset costs
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Partial retirement strategies
  • Required Minimum Distribution tax planning strategies (RMDs)
  • Retirement income tax strategies
  • Roth conversions
  • Inheritance & estate planning