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Divorce & Finances: Special Guest Interview with Financial Planning Expert & Founder of SGH Wealth Management Sam Huszczo

Marcy Hahn | Divorce: What To Expect | June 3rd, 2020 

This week Marcy welcomes special guest and founder of SGH Wealth Management, Sam Huszczo to talk about all things regarding the intersection of finances and divorce. Navigating your finances and preparing for what your financial future may look like post-divorce can be an overwhelming topic. Sam speaks to the benefits of getting prepared early as well as the advantages of hiring a separate financial planner to take a look at your unique financial situation. Not only can their expertise help you make better decisions for your future but it is important to have someone on your side that can explain all of the complicated details that come up regarding financial planning during your divorce. In this episode, Marcy and Sam also discuss alimony, investments, and budgeting as well as the importance of fully re-educating yourself on your personal financial status before making any decisions. Don’t be a bystander during a time that is critical to your financial future – tune in and take advantage of this free expert advice!