ETFs Aren’t Plug-N-Play Products

ETF Strategy Summit

Jeff Schlegel | Financial Advisor | August 1, 2018

As a certified financial planner and chartered financial analyst, Sam Huszczo, founder of SGH Wealth Management LLC in the Detroit suburb of Southfield, Mich., builds his own model portfolios to meet his clients’ wealth management needs. He says he would be fine with picking stocks for the equity portion of his portfolios, but why do that when exchange-traded funds make the job easier? That said, he puts his CFA background to use when parsing and selecting funds.

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I started this business from scratch and had to build it through networking. General Motors is a huge company in our area, and fortunately I was able to find a few people from there when I was 23 or 25 years old and looked like I was 16. They remain my clients, and I met more people through them and my business grew from there. My primary client base is General Motors employees, at this point mainly senior management, VPs and C-level folks. I also have a huge foothold in Federal-Mogul (an automotive parts maker and distributor), Ally Financial, Lear, Chrysler, Ford, etc. But GM has been my primary driver. And I have worked with professional athletes in the past, but found I didn’t enjoy that space as much because it’s a lot more budgeting and hand-holding, and I enjoy the investment aspects more. But I still work with NBA executives and sports agents.