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NutShell Podcast: Barney Frank Congressman & Dodd-Frank Regulator

12/3/2019SGH Wealth Management’s NutShell Podcast

Congressman Barney Frank joined us for our first Politics NutShell podcast episode of the year. Never known to hold back, subscribe today to better understand how politics will shape the markets this year:

  • Hoping that ideologues like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not representative of the Democratic party as a whole
  • One of the biggest mistakes of recent history was letting China into the World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • Calling for the end of antiquated caucuses
  • Doubts that Mary Barra or Jamie Dimon would work less hard if they were taxed more
  • On Tom Steyer: I guess he’s a nice person… but should a good advertisement alone get thousands of votes?
  • In 2008 Frank Luntz’s marketing message was don’t be Pro-Banks but rather be Anti-Big Government
  • How he used to love being an incumbent debating against rookie opposition
  • Why he thinks that we are unlikely to see 2008 repeat itself
  • Book Recommendation: Act of Congress by Robert Kaiser

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