Why hire a Financial Planner to Strengthen your Legal Services?

Oakland County Bar Association | September 7th, 2022

Hours of preparation & analysis are put into advising your divorce clients on what’s in their best interest and inevitably when mediations begin, the emotions of the moment make it difficult for clients to feel confident in their decisions. The slight variations that come from a negotiation, cause your clients to question if the original preparation & analysis are still valid in this new situation. Through our proprietary process utilizing Monte Carlo Back Tested Data, learn the benefits of Real-Time Mediation Financial Analysis to help your clients make data-driven negotiation decisions confidently during an everchanging divorce mediation.

We recognize 2 key aspects of the attorney/client relationship that we can offer assistance on: Helping clients make faster, more confident decisions during a high pressure mediation and parting the legal engagement on a more positive note. As negotiations drag on, it can create client discontent (even if self-imposed) and most great negotiations end in both parties being somewhat dissatisfied. This natural progression can at times cause the client to look at their attorney and wonder if they could have done more? By utilizing Real-Time Mediation Financial Analysis, the changes that occur from the negotiation can be updated live in court and enhance your services by giving your clients a valuable resource to make one of the biggest decisions of their life. Included in this analysis is a comprehensive retirement plan that helps clients feel empowered to take control of their new life and excitement towards that next chapter.

Similar to hiring a Private Investigator, utilizing an on-site LIVE financial analyst can save the attorney time and create a more streamlined & client centered process. Our analysis is fully customizable to account for every wrinkle of a client’s situation and with side-by-side comparisons we are able to isolate every individual decision with back tested data to guide them along the way. Including, but not limited to: Alimony/Child Support, Valuing & Dividing Assets, Pensions, Business Valuation Support, Home Decisions, Expert Witness Testimony, & Custom Financial Modelling. Presentation includes a live software demo of a real-time client scenario with audience participation.